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Instagram Character Counter

An Instagram character counter is an online tool that can help you determine whether you have used all of your character limit. The character counter counts the letters you type in the relevant box and displays how many you still have. You can also get tips on how to lengthen your messages. This tool is free to use and saves you time.

The character limit on Instagram is different from the character limit on Twitter. Unlike Twitter, the character limit on Instagram is only two thousand characters. This means that using a Twitter character counter in your Instagram posts will not help you use the entire character limit, which could lead to your post getting rejected. This is why you should use an Instagram character counter tool to make sure you're not exceeding your character limit. The tool works on regular text, special unicode characters, and emojis.

An Instagram character counter is also useful for calculating the number of characters in your caption. If you want to include more text in your caption, you'll need to write more words than you can fit into two-hundred characters. The Instagram character counter will give you an accurate word count, and will even count hashtags and URLs.

Using an Instagram character counter can make it easier to write captions. Instagram allows two-line paragraphs, but captions can only be 125 characters long. Adding a link in your bio will allow you to increase your character limit.