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SMS Character Counter

An SMS character counter is a tool that displays the characters that are used in creating a message. The character length of an SMS message depends on the character encoding, such as GSM 7-bit or Unicode. The latter covers a wide range of characters, including emojis and special characters. It is important to note that a message can only have a certain number of characters, and if more characters are used, the SMS character limit may be exceeded.

A character counter tool can save a lot of time by displaying the number of characters used in a single SMS. It helps you stop sending messages when there is a long line or a large group of people waiting. It can also help you save money by allowing you to count the characters used in your text messages.

The character limit of a stand-alone SMS is 160 characters. However, larger messages may be longer than this. Fortunately, many networks and phones support longer SMS messages. As long as they do not exceed the maximum 160 character limit, they will be segmented into segments of 153 characters. The recipient's device will then rebuild the SMS to fit the maximum allowed length.

SMS messages have a maximum length of 160 characters, using 7-bit character encoding. If your message has more characters than this, it will need to be split into multiple messages. In addition, the message will need a header to indicate that it is concatenated.